Our Team

We are flexible, participate in long-term-care associations and organizations to stay abreast of rules, regulations, and trends within the practice of long-term care, clinical services, standards of professional practices, and application of risk management principals. Our consultants have “hands-on” experience. We recommend systematic responses and, once approved, we assist to implement confirmed programs and processes as client direct with ongoing evaluation.


We continue in our own education and training pursuits to stay current within the practice of long-term care, clinical services, risk management, operations, and Medicare compliance to better serve you.

Robin A. Bleier

President, Healthcare & Risk Consultant

Tamra M. Adrian

Senior Director of Regulatory Services

Miriam A. Carey

Manager of Health Information Services

R. Stephen Emling

Quality Improvement Consultant

Annabelle Locsin

Director of Education

Heather Py

Director of HIM

Lauren K. Wickland

Senior Manager of Clinical Services

Nathan J. Shaw

Vice President of Clinical Reimbursement & Analytics

Sara A. Busacca

Senior Director of Healthcare Quality

Monica Cerosky

Quality Improvement Consultant

Bonnie L. Pernice

Human Services & Regulatory Consultant

Jane Monti

Quality Improvement Consultant

Elizabeth A. Raymond

Director of Healthcare Quality

Cara C. Strayer

Administrator of Business Services

A.C. Burke

Vice President of Healthcare Quality

Angela Cooper

Vice President of
Clinical Services

Wendy G. Davis

Director of Clinical Services

Staci Goldstein

Manager of Healthcare Quality

Mary M. Nielsen

Quality Improvement Consultant

Katie S. Slier

Manager of Clinical Reimbursement

Ann O. Clark

Director of Business Services

Shirley A. Hunziker

Vice President of Risk Management

Eddie Broom

Manager of Human Services & Regulatory

Deborah A. Duhaime

Manager of Clinical Quality Improvement

Kelli A. Landeau

Senior RAI Specialist

Maureen O'Neill

Manager of Social Services

Jonathan Teter

Director of Epidemiology & Analytics

Claudia Cote

Technical Support Coordinator