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MUSICAL THERAPY ~feed the soul~ by Dr. Walter Kittle


Music Therapy Can Rewire a Broken Brain - Who What Why
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Featuring lead eight string piccolo and solo bass guitar player Walter Kittle, a retired Chiropractic Physician who made his ‘full circle’ back to music, his first professional love. 

Dr. Kittle (often referred to as Dr. Bass) graduated from Michigan State University with a dual major in music performance and biochemistry. Later he graduated from Palmer University of Chiropractic Medicine with highest honors. He owned and operated his private interdisciplinary practice for 35 years in Michigan.

After retiring, Dr. Bass made his ‘full circle’ to re-engage his love of music and performance. He now lives in sunny Tampa Bay, Florida. Dr. Bass continues to compose and perform, has recently released a new single One Nation, and is completing another album for publication later in 2020. 

 Dr. Bass is available to soothe your soul by playing for you and your organization. Contact Robin Bleirer at to book Music Therapy by Dr. Kittle.

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