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Our Services

We are flexible, participate in long-term-care associations and organizations to stay abreast of rules, regulations, and trends within the practice of long-term care, clinical services, standards of professional practices, and application of risk management principles.
Our consultants have “hands-on” experience. We recommend systematic responses and, once approved, we assist to implement confirmed programs and processes as client direct with ongoing evaluation.

All of our staff are licensed experts in the healthcare field who specialize in assisting healthcare organizations to run more effectively and efficiently while emphasizing quality of care. 


RB Health Partners has a team of experts that will be able to assess your organizations needs whether it be clinical, administrative, quality assurance, programing, laws and rules, audit processes and the list continues. Email us to find out which team member would be perfect to consult with today!

It is important that all staff in inpatient care are up to date with the regulations, laws, and how to take care of patients effectively. Quality of care is one of the ways RB Health Partners can help to monitor your company's outcomes. Learn more by following the above link.


Given that quality has become such a key factor in healthcare, what exactly does it mean to provide quality care? Effective, efficient, timely, safe, and patient-centered. Learn more by clicking the link above.

ICD codes, documentation, billing services, department organization, records management are just some of the administrative assistance we can offer you. The structure of office systems is essential to manage profit margins for your company.

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