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Education and Training Workshops

Expert-Led Educational Workshops for Long-Term Care

RB Health Partners firmly believes that it is critical for long-term care facilities and organizations to remain current with federal regulation and industry trends in patient care. With our team of unparalleled experts in long-term care, RB Health Partners, Inc. is uniquely positioned to offer a vast array of education and training opportunities for individual health care professionals, groups and associations, and facility-based training.  

Our experts are licensed in several state and able to offer educational workshops to your staff with specific knowledge of the state requirements for your organization. In the past, we have traveled to perform workshops in Arizona, Alabama, Kentucky, Florida, South Carolina, and Georgia among other states.

Training and workshops are offered in each of our service categories: Clinical Consultation, Clinical Reimbursement and Analytics, Healthcare Quality, and Regulation and Risk Services. If you are interested in having your staff privately trained, please call Robin Bleier directly at 727.786.3032.


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