Robin A. Bleier

Nathan J. Shaw, RN, BSN, MBA, HCRM, RAC-CTA

Vice President of Clinical Reimbursement & Analytics


Nathan Shaw has enjoyed a nursing career for over 29 years, with the past 25 years in long-term care.


His experience covers direct patient care to management in positions such as Staff Nurse, MDS Coordinator, ADON, Regional MDS Consultant, as well as Corporate Director of Clinical Reimbursement.


With RB Health Partners, Mr. Shaw works as the Vice President of Clinical Reimbursement & Analytics.


Mr. Shaw's skills and expertise ensure his ability
to assist clients with:

  • Expert RAI & PPS systems knowledge

  • Expert, state specific, Medicaid/Case Mix reimbursement systems knowledge

  • Detailed cost management strategies and analysis related to Consolidated Billing

  • Expert Five Star and QM analyses

  • Excellent individual & facility-based educator in RAI processes

  • Detail oriented auditor

  • Knowledge of Medicare regulations

  • Detailed visit summary reports with recommendations


His expertise also includes:


  • Medicare audits

  • Triple Check

  • Medicare billing accuracy

  • Medicare compliance review

  • Nursing documentation training to support skilled services

  • CNA documentation systems and training to support the ADL index

  • Implementation of risk-friendly facility programs that enhance quality of care and reimbursement
    Medicare enhancement

  • PCC, AHT/ LTC, Matrix software systems


Mr. Shaw has a passion for education and enjoys presenting to facility staff on a one-on-one or group setting basis.