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Kelli A. Landeau, RN, RAC-CTA

Sr. RAI Specialist

Kelli Landeau is an RAI Specialist for RB Health Partners. She has over 29 years of nursing experience in long-term care as a registered nurse and certified registered nurse assessment coordinator (RAC-CTA). Mrs. Landeau has worked in the sub-acute, mental health, home health settings, and in her true love, skilled nursing. She began working with the Resident Assessment Instrument (RAI), specifically in the Minimum Data Set (MDS), in 1998 and has been consistently involved with it since. “The assessment process is my passion,” she points out. 


Mrs. Landeau believes in accuracy, thoroughness, and attention to detail, blended with caring and dignity for the resident. She focuses on the task, paying close attention to the details. 

This attention to every aspect of a case often means that crises are averted, and client comfort is ensured.


Mrs. Landeau brings to her position a wealth of skills and expertise:


  • Expert RAI & PPS systems knowledge

  • Excellent individual & facility-based RAI educator

  • Precise Interim RAI specialist

  • Detail oriented auditor

  • Proficient in RAI & general staff orientation

  • Knowledge of long-term care rules & regulations


Mrs. Landeau has a certification through the American Association of Nurse Assessment Coordinators. “It’s a very exciting time for nursing facilities and MDS Coordinators. Challenges lie ahead, but I think our profession is ready,” she observes.


The chief passion in Mrs. Landeau’s life is understandably her three daughters.

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