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R. Stephen Emling, BS, LNHA, QCP

Quality Improvement Consultant


Mr. Emling has worked in long-term care over 20 years in roles with increasing responsibility in long-term care both as a state regulator (former surveyor and area field office manager) and as a provider (Nursing Home Administrator). 

Mr. Emling is currently the Quality Improvement Consultant for RB Health Partners and is available consulting assignments that focus on regulatory, back-to-compliance, quality, safety, and over aspects of administrative processes and systems.  

His years of varied experience allows Mr. Emling to offer clients not only strong interpersonal skills but outstanding knowledge of:


  • Skilled Nursing Facility Operations 

  • Long-Term-Care Rules and Regulations 

  • Long-Term-Care Education Development

  • Regulatory and Operational Problem Solving

  • Standards/Principles of Long-Term-Care Risk Management

Mr. Emling earned his Bachelor's of Science in Occupational Education at Southern Illinois University - Carbondale and gained his license as a Nursing Home Administrator in his home state of Illinois after retiring from the Long-Term-Care Regulatory Agency in Florida. In addition to his LNHA status, he holds certificates in:


  • Train the Trainer, University of Illinois

  • Food Service Sanitation Manager 

  • Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Federal Surveyor (CMS) - SMQT Federal Surveyor No. 14714

  • Certified Public Management Modules - Florida State University

  • Honorable Discharge: United States Air Force 1975

  • ALF Online Core Training Program 2019


When not working, you may find working in his garden, spending time with his family and close friends, NASCAR racing, and designing and building his next outdoor project.